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Shanghai BoTeng Welding Consumables Co.,Ltd.

Shanghai Boteng Welding Materials Co., Ltd. is located in Baoshan Industrial Park, Shanghai. It is a high-tech enterprise under Hilong Petroleum Industry Group, which specializes in the research, development, production, sales and related technical services of special welding wires for oil pipes such as drill strings. It has strong research and development capabilities for welding materials, advanced production and testing equipment, and a perfect quality management system. The company has passed ISO9001:2015 quality management system certification.

The company has long been committed to the research on the wear, prevention and control of rods and pipes in the process of oil drilling and oil production. The failure law and wear mechanism of drill string/casing string wear have been investigated and studied. Through years of theoretical and experimental research, using the idea of ​​"balanced wear design", a series of high-performance anti-wear and anti-friction drill pipe joints have been researched and developed. Grinding flux cored wire BoTn1000, BoTn3000 and BoTn5000. Product application fields, drill pipes in oil drilling equipment, weighted drill pipes, drill collars, centralizers, shock absorbers, sucker rod couplings and sucker rods, and can also be widely used in chemical, electric power, electromechanical and many other industrial productions field.
The BoTn1000, BoTn3000 and BoTn5000 drill pipe hardband flux-cored welding wires produced by the company have been tested and evaluated by the American professional authority Stress Engineering Services Mohr Engineering Division laboratory, Bodycote Materials Testing Inc laboratory and domestic authoritative institutions. Its excellent wear resistance and anti-friction performance have passed the certification of NS-1TM Internal Technical Review Committee. NS-1 certification is recognized by foreign oil companies such as Shell and is an international authoritative certification implemented and issued by Feanley Procter Group. . The technical performance has reached the world advanced level of similar products abroad, and has won the favor of many users at home and abroad with high cost performance. This technical product has also been identified as a Shanghai high-tech achievement transformation project, and has also received free funding from the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Ministry of Finance and the Shanghai Municipal Science and Technology Commission to encourage its promotion and use.

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