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Hilong Pipeline Engineering Technology Service Co., Ltd.

Hilong Pipeline Engineering Technology Service Co., Ltd. is a research and development technology-based enterprise integrating internal and external coating of pipelines, robot internal patching, oil pipe anti-corrosion technology research and pipeline integrity technical services. Holding <01623.HK>) is a wholly-owned subsidiary. The company covers an area of ​​500 mu and has a professional stacking site of nearly 200 mu. It is located in Shanghai Baoshan Industrial Park, adjacent to Shanghai Baosteel Group and East China Steel Pipe Production Base, and 3.5 kilometers away from Shanghai Luojing Port, with convenient transportation.

The company is "Shanghai High-tech Enterprise" and "Shanghai Little Giant Cultivation Enterprise". It has won 1 national innovation fund and 2 high-tech achievement transformation projects. The project has been approved and completed. More than 30 technology development projects, more than 20 patents and utility models. Hilong Group has professional pipe research institutes and materials research institutes, as well as nationally qualified testing and inspection laboratories.
The company has a coating production base in Shanghai, with a total of 4 pipeline internal and external coating production lines and a complete testing and inspection laboratory. The maximum coating diameter is 2.6 meters, and the maximum single steel pipe length is 18 meters. The coating capacity exceeds 15 million square meters, and various liquid coatings can be applied to the inner wall of the steel pipe, and the outer wall is coated with three layers of polyethylene/polypropylene (3PE/PP), two layers of polyethylene/polypropylene (2PE/PP), single layer Layer/double-layer/three-layer sintered epoxy powder (FEB/2FEB/3FBE), and other outer coatings for anti-corrosion processing and inspection.
The company has established a complete ISO9001 quality management system and HSE environmental management system, and has been operating effectively.
The company constantly summarizes scientific theories in the practice of anti-corrosion technology, and under the guidance of scientific and technological principles, through large-scale investment, it continuously improves the quality level of products and develops new materials, new processes and new products. Strive to make the company become a first-class enterprise of anti-corrosion materials and products for oil pipes, and repay the society. Relying on technology for development and quality for survival, we are willing to cooperate with domestic and foreign counterparts for common development and create a new situation in oil and gas development and pipeline construction.