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Hilong Petroleum Group (Shanghai) Information Technology Co., Ltd

Hilong Petroleum Group (Shanghai) Information Technology Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Hilong Petroleum Industry Group (Hilong Holdings 01623.HK), focusing on safety monitoring and intelligent testing products and services in the petrochemical industry. There are R&D centers and branches in Xinjiang and other places.

The company masters optical fiber sensing, gas detection, acoustic detection, radar detection and multi-dimensional sensing technologies, and has in-depth cooperation with many universities and scientific research institutions at home and abroad. It is the governing unit of the Shanghai Information Council and the undertaking unit of major artificial intelligence innovation and development projects. The company has product design, research and development, production, installation, maintenance integrated service capabilities and information system integration capabilities, self-developed pipeline line safety early warning system, laser gas leakage detection system, optical cable fault locator, radar perimeter safety monitoring system, special A variety of products such as device temperature detection systems are widely used in the petroleum and petrochemical industry.