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Shanghai Offshore Engineering Services

Hilong Petroleum Offshore Engineering Service (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Hilong Offshore Service") is a high-tech enterprise specializing in offshore engineering services under Hilong Petroleum Industry Group. The company can not only provide a full range of design, analysis, technical support and various engineering consulting services for the construction and installation of offshore oil and natural gas upstream projects; but also provide construction services for offshore engineering pipe laying and lifting business. Hilong's marine service team has strong strength in the analysis, design and installation of various offshore projects such as fixed platform structure, upper module structure, FPSO/FLNG, subsea pipeline and subsea pipeline laying. The core members of the company have won good reputation in the field of overseas marine engineering, and are well-known overseas customers such as Total (Total), BP (British Petroleum), BG (British Gas), Shell (Shell), Statoil (Norwegian Petroleum), ExxonMobil (Mobil) and other well-known overseas customers Approved. Hilong provides engineering services for the development of new oil and gas fields and the transformation of existing production facilities, covering new facilities (pre-)feasibility studies, basic design, detailed design, construction design, and third-party verification at various engineering stages of oil and gas field development. Maintenance and renovation services for in-service facilities, operation optimization, bottleneck resolution, and capability verification. At the same time, according to the needs of customers, we provide various technical consulting services and construction site technical support, including providing technical support and on-site services for customers in the construction, installation and commissioning stages, and providing on-site guidance. The specific categories of products and services are as follows: Construction design consultation of floating and fixed offshore facilities Fixed platforms (including wellhead platforms, central platforms, drilling and production platforms, and production auxiliary platforms) Platform block structure design FPSO/FLNG hull design FPSO topside module structure design Jack-up platform structure design Offshore installation design consulting Fixed platform and topside block offshore installation Pipe laying installation design Offshore facility reconstruction design consulting Deck structure adaptation transformation, stinger structure design (including Reel Lay equipment installation, etc.) Static and dynamic stability performance evaluation of rebuilt hull Construction design and installation design consulting of underwater production system Hilong provides various consulting and design services related to subsea piping systems in the medium and deep water technical field. Provide corresponding design and consulting services according to customer requirements, and provide various customized technical consulting services or on-site technical support services as required by customers. The main supported system categories are as follows: SCR hose Subsea pipe (composite pipe, double layer pipe) Submarine manifold and in-line structure (including ILV, ILS, PLEM, PLET, etc.) Submarine cable installation design consulting