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Hong Kong Offshore Engineering Services

Hilong Offshore Engineering (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. is an engineering company registered in Hong Kong, specializing in the installation of offshore structures. It is affiliated to Hilong Petroleum Industry Group, a listed company in Hong Kong. The company now owns the Yisou lifting/pipe laying vessel "Hilong 106", registered with ABS classification society, equipped with 3000-ton azimuth crane, single-node and double-node submarine pipeline welding operation line, double tensioner, Serimax automatic welding equipment Class supporting facilities, etc., can undertake the installation of offshore structures within 300 meters of water depth, the laying of submarine pipelines, the maintenance of submarine pipelines and offshore structures and other large-scale offshore engineering construction. The company's management, operation director and key position personnel all have more than 20 years of working experience in marine engineering. With strong equipment strength, staffing and management system, the company can provide EPCI engineering general contracting services for owners and ensure the safe and efficient completion of tasks.