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Sichuan Hilong Petroleum Technology Co., Ltd.

Sichuan Hilong Petroleum Technology Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of Hilong Group, which specializes in providing products and services for the inner coating of petroleum-specific pipes. The company is located in the airport industrial cluster of Gaoping District, Nanchong City, Sichuan Province, which is the center of Chengdu, Chongqing and Dazhou. The transportation by road, waterway and air is extremely convenient, and the geographical transportation advantage is obvious.
Based in Sichuan, the company mainly serves oil fields in the southwest, northwest and other regions, as well as major domestic and foreign oil companies, oilfield service companies, major oil pipe manufacturers and distributors. The business scope includes: inner coating of oil drilling tools; inner coating of oil pipes, casings and conveying pipelines; inner coating processing of various elbows, tee pipes, sliding sleeves, valves and other special-shaped parts; anti-corrosion of gas field water tanks ; Drilling tool wear-resistant belt processing services.

Sichuan Hilong adheres to the core development strategy of scientific and technological innovation, relies on the platform of Hilong Petrochemical Research Institute, has strong scientific research and technical force, and at the same time gives full play to its geographical advantages, and cooperates with local scientific research institutes. Was rated as "high-tech enterprise". In particular, the company's surface pipeline inner coating, sliding sleeve, Hilock® plug-in technology and products have been widely used in southwest oil and gas fields and gathering and transportation stations, and have won unanimous praise from users!
The company's TC series inner coating products adopt Hilong's self-developed coating and spraying technology and equipment, and are committed to providing customers with high-performance and high-quality oil-specific inner coating products, which can effectively improve the corrosion resistance of the pipe body. Corrosion performance, improve fluid efficiency, reduce waxing and scaling, and improve the service life of pipes; and can provide users with more accurate and differentiated inner coating solutions according to environmental factors such as different well conditions and conveying media in which the pipes are used. Create greater economic benefits for users.