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Hilong Petropipe Co. Ltd(Canada)

Hilong Petropipe Co. Ltd is one of the companies under the Hilong Group specializing in the sales, leasing and processing of hardbanding of oil drilling tools. Founded in 2008, the company is located in the Nisku Oil Industry Zone, Canada, serving major drilling contractors and dealers in Canada.
Hilong Company maintains and reserves high-quality Hilong drilling tools in the local warehouse in Canada. The varieties cover drill pipes, weighted drill pipes, drill collars, etc. There are not only API standard specifications, but also Hilong's proprietary high-performance products (hydrogen sulfide resistant drill pipe, High-strength drill pipes, special buckle drilling tools, etc.), to provide customers with spot purchase and leasing services. At the same time, with the advantages of Hilong's global drilling tool production base and vertically integrated supply chain, it can effectively ensure the superior quality and fast delivery of customized products. The company's BoTn series hardband products are made of Hilong's proprietary BoTn series welding wire as raw materials, and are processed on various drilling tools using industry-leading production equipment and welding processes. Excellent wear resistance and anti-friction performance, while greatly improving the service life of drilling tools, it can effectively protect the casing and reduce the rotation resistance of the drill string. It has been widely used in drilling projects in major oilfields around the world. The company has a professional customer service team and technical experts to provide customers with more timely and professional pre-sales guidance and after-sales service, and keep making progress in order to enhance the brand image and increase customer satisfaction.

contact detailsAdd:1103 17th Ave Nisku, Alberta. T9E0N1