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Hilong USA LLC

HILONG USA LLC is one of the trading companies under Hilong Group, specializing in the sales of Hilong oil drilling tools and oil pipe coatings. The company is located in Houston, USA, with an excellent geographical location. The oil drilling tools products sold by the company include: drill pipes, weighted drill pipes, drill collars, etc. The products cover all API standard specifications, and Hilong's proprietary high-performance products: hydrogen sulfide resistant drill pipes, high-strength drill pipes, special buckle drilling tools etc. Oil pipe coating products include: drilling tool inner coating, oil casing inner coating, conveying pipe inner coating and special pipe fitting coating. Relying on Hilong's TIPC oil pipe coating production base in Texas, USA, it can provide a variety of powder coating coating services for pipes with an inner diameter of 2 to 12.75 inches. The company's product sales areas are mainly concentrated in the United States, Mexico, Argentina, Ecuador, Colombia, Peru, Bolivia, Venezuela and other countries, serving major local drilling contractors and distributors. In line with the business philosophy of "all for customers", the company creates maximum value for customers with high-quality products and professional services.

 contact detailsAdd10333 Richmond Ave, Suite: 615, Houston, TX, USA, 77042

Tel:1- 713-339-3678