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Hilong Petroleum Company LLC (UAE)

Hilong Petroleum pipe company LLC is a subsidiary of Hilong Group, which is specialized in oil-specific pipe inner coating service and drilling tool trade. Founded in 2007, the company is located in the No. 1 industrial zone in Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates, adjacent to the world's largest artificial port - PORT JEBELALI, Dubai, with an advantageous geographical location and convenient water and land transportation.
The main business scope of the company includes: trade of oil drilling tools; inner coating of oil drilling tools; inner coating of oil pipes, casings and conveying pipelines; various elbows, tee pipes, sliding sleeves, valves, etc. Inner coating processing of special-shaped parts; wear-resistant belt processing of drilling tools, etc. The company focuses on the Middle East, North Africa, Europe and Southeast Asia markets, and has become the main supplier of drilling tools and oil pipe coatings for ADNOC, PDO, KOC, Oxy, Baker Hughes, KDC and other drilling companies and oil service companies. Relying on the drilling tool production bases of Hilong Group in Shanghai and Wuxi, the company can provide users with drill pipes, weighted drill pipes, drill collars, drill pipe joints, adapters and other products. The products cover all specifications and steel grades of API standards. Hilong's proprietary products independently developed to meet the needs of modern drilling engineering and environmental conditions include: Hilong special buckles (HLDS®, HLMT®, HLST®, HLIST®) series Strength (HLZ140®, HLV150®, HLU165®) drill pipe, anti-hydrogen sulfide (HLDT95SS®, HLDT105SS®, HLDT120S®) series drill pipe, high-efficiency cuttings bed removal drill pipe, zero slip bite fast trip drill pipe , Landing String, electronic label drill pipe, etc., and can design personalized solutions and develop new products according to actual operating conditions. The company has internationally leading production equipment for the inner coating of oilfield special pipes and special pipe fittings, adopts the TC series coatings and spraying technology independently developed by Hilong, and is committed to providing customers with high-performance and high-quality TC series inner coating products, which can be It can effectively improve the anti-corrosion performance of the pipe body, improve the fluid efficiency, reduce the wax and scaling, and improve the service life of the pipe; and can provide users with more accurate and differentiated products according to the environmental factors such as the different well conditions and the conveying medium in which the pipe is used. The inner coating solution can create greater economic benefits for users. The company has been committed to exceeding the expectations of customers and employees while providing first-class services, adhering to the business philosophy of maximizing employee value and sustainable enterprise development, adhering to the basic principle of "all for customers", and effectively providing customers with high-quality economical products and professional and comprehensive services to create maximum value for users.

contact detailsAdd: 24FR, Plot 6, ICAD 1, Musaffah, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.
Tel: +971 2 5512513