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Texas Internal Pipe Coating LLC (TIPC)

 As a wholly owned subsidiary of HILONG Group in the United States, Texas Internal Pipe Coating LLC (TIPC) is a specialized manufacturer for providing powder inner coating service. Located in Madisonville, Texas, it was acquired by HILONG Group in March 2014.

Founded in 2012, Texas Internal Pipe Coating LLC formally started production in June 2013. Since its inception, TIPC has established business relation with many valuable customers, its business kept growing steadily. Its leap-forward development enabled TIPC to distinguish itself from many competitors to become a top player in the petroleum and natural gas industry. In 2014, TIPC lifted its business ability to a new height, its annual inner coating volume reached 1 million meters, capable of providing coating service for pipe products with 2~12-3/4inch inner diameter. In 2017, the Company still achieved impressive sales performance in the downturn of the international oil price environment. The company boasts the world’s leading processes and technologies, and successfully developed the technology to expand the maximum diameter of inner coating construction to 12-3/4 inches first in the industry, the company uses the eco-friendliest technological processes, capable of providing multiple powder coating services to meet the special needs of all customers