Hilong Shenglong Inspection obtains first MFL-magnetic flux leakage inspection certificate for in-pipeline inspection in China under new rules

Date 2023-01-06

(January 5, 2023, Shanghai) Recently, Shenglong Petroleum Pipeline Inspection Technology Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Hilong Group, once again obtained an MFL-magnetic flux leakage inspection certificate for in-pipeline inspection that was issued by the Shanghai Administration for Market Supervision. It is the first full-caliber MFL-magnetic flux leakage testing agency certificate issued in China to cover the traction test field since the "Special Equipment Testing Institution Approval Rules TSG Z7002-2022" went into effect on June 1, 2022.

Compared with the in-pipeline inspection MFL-flux leakage inspection certificate issued before the new "Special Equipment Testing Institution Approval Rules TSG Z7002-2022" became effective, there are now higher threshold requirements for the current in-pipeline inspection MFL-magnetic flux leakage inspection certificate obtained. In addition, the detector device type coverage requirements are more comprehensive.

MFL-magnetic flux leakage detection is a kind of in-pipeline detection that is suitable for detecting various conveying medium pipelines. It offers a wide range of applications and is a highly mature technology that can enable online intelligent detection. With this certificate, Hilong Shenglong Inspection will be able to engage in the full-caliber magnetic flux leakage testing business in the long-distance oil and gas pipeline and urban gas pipeline internal testing market. Additionally, its traction test field will serve as a third-party capability verification platform to undertake external technical service business related to the performance verification of pipeline detectors.

In recent years, Hilong Shenglong Inspection has developed and produced more than 30 pipeline detectors for various diameters, covering pipe diameters from 168mm to 1219mm. In 2020, it earned the EU ATEX explosion-proof certification. By virtue of its stable performance and its ability to detect various defects in pipelines comprehensively, Shenglong's magnetic flux leakage intelligent internal detector is a key element for developing the MFL-magnetic flux leakage detection business in the domestic pipeline inspection market and has been highly recognized by the industry. Shenglong Inspection has completed inspection items in oil and gas pipelines, including Shanlan crude oil Xijing-Xinbao-Lanzhou, Shanlan crude oil Guazhou-Yumen, Korla-Malan, Lanzhou-Chengdu-Chongqing, West Second Line Hongliu, Shaanxi-Beijing 4th Line, Yongtangqin, Datang Coal-to-gas, Zhoushan-Zhenhai, West-East Gas Transmission Zaoyang-Huangpi, and Jiangdu-Rudong.
Zhao Min, Vice President of Hilong Group and General Manager of the Pipeline technology and Service, said, "The acquisition of the MFL-magnetic flux leakage inspection certificate not only fully affirms Shenglong Inspection's business capabilities in pipeline magnetic flux leakage inspection, but also further demonstrates the comprehensive improvement Shenglong Inspection has made in the systematizing and standardizing magnetic flux leakage inspection. Shenglong Inspection will continue to strive and improve so as to better provide the market with world-leading pipeline inspection technology services.”