Hilong inner coating powder coating listed in the recommended catalog of Shanghai innovative products

Date 2023-02-23

(February 23, 2023) Recently, the Shanghai Municipal Economic and Information Technology Commission announced its Second Batch of Recommended Catalog of Innovative Products in Shanghai (2022). The casing anti-H2S and CO2 inner coating powder coating, which was independently developed by Hilong Petroleum Product Technology Services (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. was selected as part of this batch, marking it as an innovative product recommended by Shanghai.

Independently developed by Hilong Product Service Company, the TC-3000FP powder coating can meet the toughness, temperature and corrosion resistance requirements of powder coating products and solve issues related to VOC emission during the coating process. This innovative product is mainly used in pipelines, downhole equipment, surface equipment, and line pipes. It is serviced in H2S and CO2-containing environments, high-temperature, high-pressure sweet/sour oil and gas wells, water injection wells, and CO2 secondary oil recovery. It has been successfully utilized for numerous projects, providing a stable powder anti-corrosion material suitable for complex working conditions and environments for anti-corrosion technology of water injection wells in China.

"This addition into the key recommended catalog of innovative products in Shanghai is a resounding affirmation of Hilong's TC-3000FP powder coatings in multiple aspects, including technological advancement, product representativeness, and industry generalization performance. With the constant advancement of China's sustainable development, we will see wider application of this type of green, safe, and environmentally friendly powder coating product that features high economic value and convenient construction performance.” said Sun Jian, General Manager of Hilong Product Service Company.

The "Recommended Catalog of Innovative Products in Shanghai" aims to promote the marketization, industrialization and scale of innovative products. It also seeks to propel the high-quality development of Shanghai's industries. The selected products represent the developmental direction of advanced technology and possess several advantages including clear property rights, reliable quality, energy saving capabilities, environmental protection features, and high market potential.