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Hardbanding wires

BoTn hardbanding provides you with the perfect hardbanding solution, and can meet the higher requirements of harsh wells such as deep wells, ultra-deep wells, extended reach wells and horizontal wells.BoTn series hardbanding products have been evaluated in both international and homegrown third-party authoritative laboratories. Furthermore, BoTn series hardbanding has carried out downhole comparison tests by many oilfield customers such as ENSIGN Canadian drilling in Canada, Tarim Oilfield of PetroChina, Southwest oil and gas Field of Sinopec, etc. These downhole testing results have proven excellent performance, earning recognition from customers and becoming their preferred choice.

BoTn 1000 BoTn 3000 BoTn 5000

BoTn 1000

BoTn 3000

BoTn 5000